Spicy Kimchi

Do you like the idea of kimchi but don’t like anything too spicy? Have you had a whiff of kimchi from your companion’s plate and wondered if something died in that direction? Of course, I am biased, and I wonder if VFA’s Spicy Kimchi might be just right for you. It is spicy, but I’m going for medium in terms of heat and maximum in terms of flavor. It is also vegan. Don’t get me wrong– I love me some fishy, shrimpy, stinky kimchi, but this isn’t it. Garlicky, gingery, loaded with roots, and balanced with paprika (a trick I learned from my friend, Saida, who taught me to make kimchi), this kimchi is delicious, approachable and a great companion to any dish.

Ingredients: napa cabbage,* carrots,* rutabaga,* daikon,* onions,* Celtic Sea Salt®, cilantro,* Korean Hot Pepper, garlic, ginger,* paprika,* bay leaves,* and love.*

*certified organic ingredient

Farms in the jars as of 8 February 2022: organic napa & rutabaga from Pete’s Greens, organic daikon, onions & carrots from Bear Roots Farm, garlic from Pony Farm Vermont.

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