Gratitude Sauerkraut

Tested in early 2020 then brought into being that November, Gratitude Sauerkraut evolved out of my wonder at the year that was passing and gratitude for all of the blessings– the grace– amidst the profound loss, grief and suffering that so many of us were living through. For me, on the one hand, I was grateful to have a healthy family, satisfying work, and to live in a state committed to the health and safety of its residents and visitors. On the other hand, I grieved the very sudden death of my mom, the loss of connections to friends and family members because of the pandemic, and the hardship of our deadly political practices and discourse. When life gives you cabbage, make sauerkraut. Into this cabbage I poured the resilience, the tartness, the sweetness, the zing and the salt of our existence and created something beautiful, alive and delicious.

Ingredients: Red and green cabbage,* Vermont apples, Vermont cranberries, Celtic Sea Salt®, ginger* and love.

*certified organic ingredient

Farms in the jars as of 8 February 2022: Bear Roots organic cabbages, Cate Hill Farm organic apples and Vermont Cranberry Company cranberries.

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