Five Karat Kraut

Five Karat Kraut emerged out of an admiration for the beautiful fennel on the Tunbridge Hill Farm table at the Waitsfield Farmers’ Market. So green, so frondy, so licoricey! What is a fermentation fanatic like me to do?

In the same way that most fermentation adventures began, I mixed up a test batch of veggies that were easily accessible and in season. While pondering, I realized that I hated the idea of composting the stalks and the fronds of the fennel, though many chefs recommend doing so. They are so tasty! And green where the bulb is white, and I’m a sucker for adding color to my ferments.

So, BOOM, green cabbage, BOOM, hand sliced fennel from its tips to its tails, and BOOM, what else? Welp. There were carrots everywhere, so BOOM, they went in the shredder and finally, a sprinkle of fennel seeds for extra flavor and texture.

Then the name emerged from the five “carrots” in the kraut. While it was fermenting, I learned that carrot and fennel (and parsley and dill and caraway and….) are all in the same carrot, or umbelliferae family. So essentially, I had made kraut with carrots and carrots. Haha! And no, there aren’t 5 types of carrot in the kraut, but there are five carrot components—shredded carrots, sliced fennel bulb, stalk and frond, and fennel seeds. With all those lovely ingredients fermenting, the kraut is as good as gold, thus Five Karat Kraut. Eat and enjoy! Pairs beautifully with sausage, of course, and eggs, salad and grilled cheese.

Ingredients: Green cabbage,* carrots,* fennel,* Celtic Sea Salt®, fennel seeds,* and love.

*certified organic ingredient

Farms in the Jars as of March 2022: Organic cabbage and carrots from Bear Roots Farm, organic fennel from Pete’s Greens.

Five Karat update 22 March 2022: Von Trapp Farmstead has the remaining Five Karat pints until fennel is abundant again in Vermont. Please stop by to get your kraut on, and check out their other wonderful offerings.


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